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Call Prayer Chain Update

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Return to In-Worship Services

We are glad that you have returned to church! Thank you for being here. We know that these past months have been trying on you, and we want to welcome you back to the house of the lord with open arms. For your safety and those around you however, we need to remain cautious to the pandemic that continues to affect our country. Based on the CDC recommendations and the United Methodist Church, The Saint James Administrative Board has agreed upon a set of guidelines that are believed to be the safest way possible to bring you back into our house of worship. We ask that while you are attending with us that you follow these guidelines as close as possible to protect your health and those around you. The guidelines are as follows:

What to Expect During Services:
· Services will be limited to worship services and essential meetings only.

  • Sunday School with Steve will be held at 10am in the Family Life Center.
  • Beth’s Sunday School will be held in the Ruth Casey class in the church at 10am.
  • Men’s Sunday School will be held in the Sound Room in the church at 10am.
  • All Children’s Sunday School classes are cancelled until further notice.
  • Sunday night worship services are cancelled until further notice.
  • In-Person Wednesday Night Bible Study is cancelled until further notice.
·Sunday morning Worship service will begin at 11am in the Family Life Center
  • Sunday morning worship service will be limited to 30-35 minutes with essential announcements/messages only.
  • There will be no choir or congregational singing. Music/hymns will be provided by Wesley Osborne.
  • All communion services are cancelled until further notice.
  • There will be a stationary basket for tithes and offerings. There will be no collection plates passed during service.
  • Bibles will be available in a central location within the Family Life Center however you are encouraged to bring your personal bible to services to limit circulation.
  • Services shall be led by essential individuals only.
What We Ask of You:
  • Please wear a protective face mask while attending services. If you do not have a mask available, one can be provided to you upon request.
  • Please avoid sharing items such as pens, bibles, tablets, etc.
  • Please avoid using the public water fountains. You are encouraged to bring water from home.
  • Please wash hands/sanitize hands often, especially before and after contacting high-touch surfaces such as doors, table-tops, etc.
  • Please avoid congregating within the Family Life Center or the Church after meetings/services.
  • Please avoid physical contact with other church members.
  • Stay at home when you are not feeling well or if you have underlying health conditions which put you at high risk. Please do not put yourself or others at risk. There are alternative worship media avenues available if you need to stay home.
What We Are Doing For You:
  • We will be as diligent as possible to clean and sanitize the used church areas after services.
  • All high-touch and traffic area will be cleaned and disinfected directly after services and meetings.
  • Supplies of hand-sanitizers and hand-soaps will be made readily available*.
  • Chairs/seating are pre-staged to remain 6-feet apart per CDC guidelines for safe social distancing. Tables will be placed 10-feet apart during meals.
  • We will be recording the names of everyone that attends services for notification purposes if there were to be a confirmed case of COVID-19 within the church.
  • Expect a Newsletter in your mail soon from the church sharing general church information with you, including these guidelines.
  • We will continue to live stream the adult Sunday School with Steve and Sunday Morning Worship Services, as well as Wednesday Night Bible Study. CDs of all services are also available upon request. If you are not comfortable with returning to In-Person services, you are not feeling well or you are at high risk, these alternative worship avenues are available to you.
  • The Administrative Board will continue to monitor the pandemic situation and adjust these guidelines as necessary.
As a church, it is important to keep your health and well-being at its utmost and highest importance. We believe that following these guidelines, we can have a safe and healthy return in in-person worship services. If there are any questions to these guidelines, please reach out to Pastor John at 864.681.3664

Our website for updated information, live steaming services and past services:

Our Facebook page for live streaming services, past services and additional information:

*Nationwide supplies of hand-soap, hand-sanitizers and cleaning supplies are currently in high demand and short supply. These items will be available as they remain available to us.

Best Practices for Return to In-Person Worship

Click below to view te best practices for return to in-worship service from Bishop Holston, Bishop of the United Methodist Church of South Carolina.